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Nightcap Lace

Nightcap Clothing has been known for years for it's high quality lace that you cannot find anywhere else. The machines that make our exclusive lace date back to the 1800's. The factory in France had orginally made lace curtains and delivered them to the small village by horse and carriage. At the turn of the Century the family began to use their machines for Ready To Wear. Carisa Rene, the designer of Nightcap, often travels to France and creates custom lace designs using her signature scallop detailing so she can produce her designs.

Aged Old Machines

Nightcap Lace cannot be made on any other machine. The machines cannot be replicated and date back to the 1800's when the lace was originally used to make curtains for a small village in the North of France.

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During WWll Nazi Germany took over the lace factory and used the facilities as a hospital. All of the machines were saved by the family and fully returned and restored when the war was over.

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Stretch Lace

Our Lace is 100% Full Stretch. Our customers can wear their normal size during pregnancy and post pregnancy. The lace follows the shape of your body and holds you in in all the right places.

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