Last PFW we filmed content for the lace factory video. But first I had one day to speed shop for inspiration around the city. Sadly only one day of shopping in Paris is not enough. I walked Tranoi (A fashion trade show) to see new and interesting brands from around the globe and gathered a wealth of inspiration in 24 hours... I saw a lot of very artistic Japanese brands. Tokyo is one of my favorite cities to shop and it made me want to go back!

Then headed to dinner at Hotel Costes, grabbed my perfume "Le Affair", and had my favorite and famous "French Kiss" Cocktail. 

Went back to my hotel....

LE PAVILLON DE LA REINE is my favorite hotel to stay in Paris! I love how it is nestled in the Marais across from the Place De Vosges. It is charming and I love the "Honesty" bar inside the hotel lobby. This concept would never fly in LA. But in Paris if you do not leave a little note at the bar about what beverage you served yourself then forget about staying there.

Le Pavillon De LA Reine Cappuccino's are the best! I need to have a little coffee before fabric meetings to get the creative ideas flowing!